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Renewal & Validity

How long is a gold card valid?

By default, between one and three years. If you are concerned your card (or underlying visa/work permit) may have become invalid or expired, you can check with the National Immigration Agency.

Can I renew my gold card?

A ‘renewal’ is almost the same as a new application. Your ‘renewal’ application will still go through skill assessment like your first one, and it has been stated that your activities in Taiwan during your first card will form part of the assessment. Keep this in mind when planning your time in Taiwan - you must still meet the qualification criteria in order to receive another card. As of February 2021, the ‘renewal’ capability in the Application Portal has just become available. It is rumoured to be faster than a first-time application as parts such as the the passport verification step may be skipped.

When does the gold card’s validity begin?

When the application is officially approved. You will receive an email from the application portal. Importantly: your cards’ validity can start before you enter Taiwan or pick up your card. Keep this in mind when planning your move to Taiwan.

Last Updated: June 10, 2024