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Upcoming Changes

On June 18th 2021, a major amendment to the law underpinning the Gold Card was passed by the legislature. It’s since been signed into law by the President and is currently being implemented by the various government department responsible.

At lot of things are still unclear. This page contains fully unofficial information based on what we know about the law, please confirm with relevant authorities before acting!

When can I get the good stuff from the new law?

October 2021.

I can get permanent residence (APRC) after 3 years now?

Yes, if:

  • it’s been more than 3 years (to the day) since you entered Taiwan on your Gold Card
  • you spent an average of more than 183 days a year in Taiwan during those 3 years
  • you didn’t do any Bad Things while you were here

Don’t get confused: it’s not calendar years, it’s counted based on your first entry date, you cannot apply before 3 full years have passed regardless of how many days you’ve been in Taiwan.

One crucial thing: your Gold Card will probably expire before you reach the 3 year residence mark and are able to complete the application for permanent residence. Consider whether you need to start a renewal of your card early or apply for an extension. If there’s a gap in your residence, you might become ineligible.

Is this just for Gold Card holders?

Yes, unless you have a Foreign Special Professional Work Permit (probably because you work in the offshore wind power industry, or some other highly specialised domain with an awesome HR department).

How often does an APRC need to be renewed?

This is permanent residence for life, you just need to visit Taiwan once every 5 years.

Does my time on a regular ARC pre-gold-card count towards the 3 years?

No. Though keep in mind ‘regular’ APRC after 5 years is probably still an option for you.

I hear tax benefits for Gold Card holders have been extended?

Yes, the confusing deferral scheme has been replaced with a straight 5 year eligibility period. The benefit and qualification within a given year remains the same.

Once I convert to APRC, am I still entitled to the same tax benefit as gold card holders?

No, unless you get an additional Foreign Special Professional work permit.

Are there any other changes when moving from Gold Card to APRC?

Pretty much all of the other benefits you have as a Gold Card holder carry over, and you get some more.

  • Never have to worry about your visa, ever again (provided you visit Taiwan once every 5 years)
  • Automatic open work permit (work for any or as many employers as you want)
  • Continue to be able to sponsor parents/grandparents for a longer visitor visa than other residents
  • Continued access to National Health Insurance
  • Your family can continue to stay with you :)
  • Ability to apply for the Mackay Project, which provides benefits (eg discounts) after retirement (65 years old)
Last Updated: June 10, 2024