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Can my spouse and children come with me if I get a Gold Card?

Yes, for children under 20 years old and married spouses this is no problem.

Can my spouse work, if they join me in Taiwan as a dependant?

The Gold Card does not provide for a work permit for dependants of the card holder. Your spouse should get their own work permit.

What happens if I get married to a Taiwanese citizen while on a Gold Card?

Congratulations on your marriage. Though you may become eligible for other visas due to this, you may continue to use your Gold Card.

If I switch from a Gold Card to permanent residence, can my family switch too?

When you have been approved for permanent residence, your children (under 20) and your spouse may also apply for permanent residency if they have lived in Taiwan for more than 183 days per year for the past five years. Additionally, as a Gold Card holder your family members aren’t required to show proof of financial ability like some other applicants for permanent residence. (Article 16)

My child just turned 20, can they get their own work permit?

Yes, provided they have lived in Taiwan from the time before they were 16 years old, for more than 270 days per year. (Article 17)

Can my parents or grandparents come to visit?

Yes, as a Gold Card holder, your parents and grandparents are eligible to apply for a 1 year multi-entry visa for a maximum stay of six months at a time. This visa can be extended in Taiwan to allow for a maximum stay of one year at a time. Contact your nearest Taiwan diplomatic post or the Bureau of Consular Affairs to apply.