The Gold Card Application

Application is done online. Once you have determined how you are qualified, gather the required documents:

  • Digital copy of your passport
  • Digital copy of your passport photo
  • Your previous Taiwanese visa and residence permit (if any)
  • Dates of any times you worked in Taiwan
  • Digital copies of all documents needed to support your application

ⓘ All digital copies need to be <1MB in size in image or PDF format.

Starting your application

🕑 10 minutes

Go to the portal:

and click “I want to apply”. Select “self application”, click consent and create an account.

ⓘ You don’t need an employer to sponsor your application.

To make a new application, click “Application”, select “Application for Employment Gold Card” and then click New Application.

You will be asked for your nationality and where you are applying from. Applying from overseas or from within Taiwan is the same process. It differs only in where you go to hand in your passport (in Taiwan, or the local embassy), and overseas applicants have the option of picking up their card from the local Taiwanese embassy.

⚠️ This information cannot be changed later!

⚠️ Ensure you select the right visa if applying from Taiwan. If you did not apply for a visa to enter Taiwan, you are likely “visa-exempt” (the final category).

You will now fill out three straightforward sections: Basic Data, Passport Data and Visa Application. Make sure to click “save” at the end of each section and fill each section out within 5 minutes to avoid being logged out.

Filling out Resident Information

🕑 5 minutes

You must now select the duration for your card. You could opt for a shorter duration if you have concrete plans. Otherwise, it’s probably better to select the longest duration. There is no justification needed on how long you’d like to stay. This costs more, but delays the hassle of finding the next visa (or going through the gold card application process again).

You’ll also be asked for a local address. It’s entirely normal and accepted to apply without one. Once you get a place to stay, you can (must) update the details on your card, free of charge. Only fill an address out here if you’re confident you will be able to receive important documents there.

You must select where you will collect your card, there are two options to choose from:

  1. In Taiwan - generally faster, as your card does not need to be mailed overseas. You will use a printed Residence Authorization Certificate to enter Taiwan, which might require some explanation to your airline.
  2. At your local embassy - more convenient, as you can enter Taiwan with the process completed.

If you have information for any of the remaining fields, fill it in, or leave them blank if you dont. Click “save” and “next step” to go to the Profession section.

Choosing Profession and Uploading Documents

🕑 10 minutes

Here you must choose the field and regulation which you selected in Do I Qualify?. This can be changed later if necessary, but only after significant time has passed, so be sure to choose the correct entry. Then, click “save” and “next step” to upload your documents.

You must first upload a passport photo. Note that this has to be a proper passport photo that you would use for a visa application - a selfie will be rejected.

Next, you must upload a copy of your passport’s bio page. You don’t need to upload the whole thing, or any of the stamp pages - just the page that shows your profile information.

Finally, based on the regulation you are applying under you will need to upload required documents. If you need hints on what to upload, use the Gold Card Qualification Check.

Do not stress about your application being rejected because you didn’t attach enough documents. The authorities will ask for more documents if the ones you provided were not sufficient. It’ll just extend the processing time by a couple of weeks to a month.

⚠️ If your documents are not in English or Chinese, they probably need to be translated.

ⓘ In general, your documents do not need to be certified, unless they are issued by the following countries Afghanistan, Algeria, Bengal, Bhutan, China, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam. Then, they probably need to be certified by the nearest Taiwan diplomatic post

Eventually, view the preview and then hit submit!

Who can I talk to about this?

If you need help, the master list of contacts is found here.

  • If something is wrong with the online application portal, eg errors, ambiguous fields: Contact NIA, under the Ministry of Interior for Employment Gold Card Permits for Foreign Special Professionals on the master list or use the number on the bottom of the application portal
  • If you don’t know what documents to apply with, or which regulation to choose, contact the appropriate ministry under Qualification of Foreign Special Professionals on the master list