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Chase Nelson 倪誠志 Ph.D.

Science and Technology


Background: Biologist and singer from the USA. I received by B.A. from Oberlin College and my Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. My scientific work specializes in bioinformatics, virus evolution, and cancer. Other endeavors include musical performance, writing, weightlifting, and coffee.

Why Taiwan? I first moved to Taiwan as a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Academia Sinica. The kind community, work ethic, ease of life, and opportunities for creative collaboration are the primary reasons I chose to stay and apply for the Gold Card.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I work remotely as a Research Fellow for the USA National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. My research focuses mainly on the molecular evolution of human papillomaviruses (HPVs) and the mechanisms by which they cause cervical cancer. Other projects include software tools for genome sequence analysis and SARS-CoV-2 mutation. Musically, I am a tenor performing for musical theatre, private events, and independent creative projects.

Marcus Rowland 馬尚

Culture & Arts


Background: I’m a music industry professional with a particular focus on Asia (currently China & India). I lived in Beijing 2011 - 2018 and am now based in Taipei. It’s been such a wild opportunity to work with so many talented musicians, managers and labels, and to learn their cultural background and daily issues which are so different from mine (I’m originally from the UK).

Why Taiwan? I have been coming to Taiwan on regular business trips since 2015, as our company has many clients here. I become more and more enamoured with each visit, and I also met my current wife on one of the trips!

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I work for a music services & rights management company. As the China General Manager, I look after our China team of 10+ people across A&R, Rights Management and Marketing Departments, and I’m currently leading deployment of investment capital from our recent funding into various recording & publishing rights projects. While most of my work is done remotely, I do still work with several Taiwan artists, including Sunset Rollercoaster, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou, Mayday, Accusefive and many others.

Harry Ng 吳卓強

Science and Technology


Background: Harry is co-founder and COO in making Sorted (sortedapp.com), which is an award-winning and featured scheduling app that brings calendar and task management into one beautiful timeline. In his spare time, he likes to bring his wife and two young kids to travel. His favorite activity is camping. Before coming to Taiwan, Harry and his family were travelling around Asia and enjoying nomadic life.

Why Taiwan? I was passing by Taiwan as part of my nomadic travel. Then due to covid, we were stuck here for a while. Lately, we decided to let the kids to study Waldorf schools here. We plan to stay here for the next 5 years or so.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? Travel around the island. Camping. Working from home. Kids are studying in Waldorf schools.

Peter Wong

Science and Technology

New Taipei City

Background: I am originally from Hong Kong but I moved to Australia in 2008. In 2012, I finished my Master’s degree in Computer Science and started my career in software/web development. I started my digital nomad journey in 2017, travelling in Asia while working remotely.

Why Taiwan? I like the pace of life in Taiwan. It’s safe, clean and cosmopolitan. Rent and food are also very affordable. Not to mention, Taiwanese are very warm and friendly. Professionally, I could see that there are growing opportunities for the technology sector. I came to Taiwan hoping to be a part of the change and witness its success.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? Apart from working remotely, I spent the most time playing badminton. I will continue to travel in Taiwan, exploring beautiful places and delicious food!

Matteo Serone 鄭馬太歐



Background: Fintech Professional relocated from Hong Kong. Originally from Italy, I am a great lover of Asian cuisines (Japanese and Chinese in particular) and I like to have a cold one to chat a bit.

Why Taiwan?: Moved to finally settled down with my partner.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? Working remotely for my HK company taking care of the credit card department and doing some BD.

Colum Brolly

Science and Technology

Background: Seasoned professional in software engineering from Ireland. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Ulster University. Worked on major systems within the aviation industry.

Why Taiwan?: Having worked in the aviation industry with airlines and airports around the world I discovered Taiwan through business. I visited this wonderful island and really enjoyed my time and could see myself living here. The announcement came out in February 2018 that the Gold Card program had launched, I decided to apply soon after the launch. Once approved I then relocated to Taiwan and have been happily living here since.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I work for a company called TPIsoftware primarily on financial software for the major banks. I am also doing global business development to take on more projects from customers globally. If anyone is taking on any endeavours and would like some assistance, feel free to reach out.

Shawn Lim

Science and Technology

New Taipei City

Background: Software engineer with a business degree. Started and failed in a few startup projects, acquired software engineering skills along the way. I spend most of my free time reading about engineering topics and prototyping ideas.

Why Taiwan?: Taiwan has an amazing mix of nature and city. I enjoy scuba diving and Taiwan has world class diving sites like Green Island. I like the values of the Taiwanese people and I see myself being here in the long term.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? Scuba diving, getting inspired by smart people in the community and looking for ideas.

JC Bouzigues

Science and Technology


Background: After 27 years in San Jose, California, I just landed in Taoyuan. Originally from France, I am a semiconductor professional (MSEE, MBA) with 30+ years of experience in engineering, field applications engineering, marketing, sales and business development. I run a semiconductor Business Development consulting firm (https://www.fidessales.com/) in Silicon Valley and now Taiwan with expertise in automotive electronics, security, AI + Vision, IoT, patent licensing and litigation support. Feel free to reach out if I can help.

Why Taiwan?: Taiwan is today the main center in the world for semiconductor manufacturing, and has a very rich semiconductor, ODM and CM ecosystem.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan?: I will put my expertise and network to serve Silicon Valley companies targeting Taiwanese ODM, as well as Taiwanese companies expand their reach into Silicon Valley.

I enjoy cooking, discovering new ethnic foods, hiking, biking, and soon SCUBA diving.

Ingrid Su 蘓迎加


Background: I’m originally from Texas but I spent most of career in New York where I was an energy investor (which conveniently let me never get too far from my Texas roots).

Why Taiwan?: Part of it is to stay connected with family in Taiwan. Other parts are the country’s creativity, quality, kindness, and natural beauty.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan?: I’m currently exploring some of Taiwan’s manufacturing processes and craftsmanship. It is my hope that over the next few years, I can create a multi-language consumer product business that can be enjoyed in the U.S. and Taiwan. In my spare time, I visit the 24-hour bookstore at 誠品。

James Murdza 曾傑米


Background: I am an aerospace and software engineer. I believe that coding is the literacy of the 21st century and that it’s lack of resources and confidence that limits most people from becoming STEM proficient, not ability. I write online and make videos about software at jamesmurdza.com.

Why Taiwan?: At 21, I moved from the U.S. to the Netherlands and integrated into European life. Working as an engineer with interesting people from many countries was the biggest benefit to my career so far. I decided to take a risk and do it again. I came to Taiwan to accelerate my Mandarin and to join the entrepreneurship community here.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I am realizing my goal of becoming fluent in Mandarin while working as a freelance software developer.

Lung Hao Liu 劉倫豪

Science and Technology

Background: Co-founder of Nexraid Consulting and 99 Venture, an IT consulting and corporate services firm. We are a pioneer in hybrid cloud technology and is one of the few companies in Singapore that has obtained ISO27001 and ISO27701 accreditation.

Why Taiwan?: I was born in Taiwan but migrated to Singapore since 10. I have always been curious about this piece of land that I was familiar with but yet knowing very little about.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan?: Besides trying to understand the different culture and experience in Taiwan, we have a few employees based here. I have also mentored a few local start-ups and SMEs to assist them with international expansion and fund raising.

John Chih Liu 劉喆

Science and Technology

New Taipei City

Background: I am from the US and earned my BS, MS, and PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. As a CFA Charterholder, I’ve held executive roles at several investment banks managing trading and portfolio management teams in the US, Tokyo and Hong Kong and served as head of investments for an university endowment and state pension. I switched careers in 2014 to become a NLP and machine learning researcher.

Why Taiwan?: After coming in 2020 to help care for my father-in-law, I realized the tremendous opportunity for Taiwan to lead in new technology and decided to stay and help contribute to its succcess while enjoying the beauty, culture and safe lifestyle.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I spent last year writing and publishing a new book on “Explainable Artificial Intelligence, an Introduction to Interpretable Machine Learning”. I am currently launching a tech startup here in New Taipei City.

Sam Khan 康善文



Background: I have 16 years of experience in IoT/Telecom industry with a specialization in Cellular and GNSS/Positioning modules. I have worked in senior sales and marketing roles in companies like ZTE, Quectel, GlobalTop and Sierra Wireless.

Why Taiwan?: I was in Germany when I got the offer to join a leading Taiwanese GPS module maker. I was unsure about Taiwan, so I came for a one week visit at first. I immediately fell in love with the amazing southern city of Tainan. I moved to Taiwan in 2014. Later, I had the privilege to be a part of the first batch of foreigners to receive the Gold Card in 2018. It’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan?: I head sales and marketing for Thrutek Applied Materials, which is one of the leading manufacturers of AlN powder globally. I also help my wife run a small business that offers facilitation services to Filipino OFWs in Taiwan. Although I am currently working in the materials industry, I am happy to help/consult on any projects related to IoT/GNSS modules.

In 2022, I transitioned from Gold Card to full Taiwanese citizenship which I am immensely proud of.

Daniele Fusi 傅丹尼

Science and Technology


Background: CEO of a hardware design house (www.fusi-on.com). We provide design services to hardware companies and help them to manufacture products in Taiwan.

Why Taiwan?: Because it’s a good place for hardware engineers and I like how friendly people are.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? Working remotely, supporting US clients that can’t travel to Taiwan.

Hasnaa Fatehi, PhD


Background: Moroccan with degrees in Science from France (Msc) and Germany (PhD), I was naturalized Canadian in late 2018. I completed my PhD in 2009 in the midst of the financial crisis. There were no European work permits to be provided for North-Africans like me, even with a PhD in Science. I applied for the Singaporean program EPEC, a grad student friend of mine had pointed me to, and was approved after three weeks only. I left for Singapore where I started my Regulatory career at P&G, it was an amazing experience! Ironically, when I was contemplating applying for the TW Gold Card, I read that it was designed after the Singaporean EPEC. This is the point at which I knew I would qualify if I applied. I am very glad to be back to Asia.

Why Taiwan?: The Medtech industry is very dynamic here with incredible talent and innovation that needs exporting. The pro-democracy spirit here is also something unique in Asia. Everything is open to discussion and while the Taiwanese are grappling with their identity, they understand what it means to be a silenced minority, listen with genuine curiosity to other groups and don’t shy away from contributing to the world. I find the overall energy to be hopeful, inspiring and motivating.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan?: Setting up a branch of my business in TW, building relationships particularly with local incubators and accelerator programs, seeking clients, and hopefully starting to make some money very very soon.

Staying in Taiwan was not in my plan. I was going to be here for six months, accompany my partner for his exchange, take Chinese lessons, study for a professional certification exam, and do lots of business intelligence here, in China and Singapore. When the Covid outbreak happened my partner and I weighed every week the pros and cons of staying vs. returning to BC. Quickly after that I understood that I had before me a business opportunity, being in the MedTech industry, I could not turn away from. Manufacturing sites were still running in TW, large MedTech MNCs were/are still talking about deglobalizing and moving some of the manufacturing outside of China and President Tsai making MedTech a high priority sector. It was clear Taiwan was the place to be for my business. This is how I ended up applying for the Gold Card.

Patrick Ng


Background: I’m originally from Hong Kong and grew up in the United States. I have a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA and MPH from Boston University. My background is primarily in hospital administration, health policy research, and medical device startups. I am also involved in church and recently helped start Thrive Church that ministers to college students and young adults in Taipei.

Why Taiwan?: I used to visit Taiwan almost every year for the past decade on work-related trips and saw just how amazing this country is and how friendly the people are. When an opportunity opened up to help in a research and education initiative in Taipei, it seemed like a great fit so my family relocated from Boston a couple years ago. As I have spent more time in Taiwan, it further cemented the feeling that we made the right decision: 1) convenience - efficient public transportation system in Taipei, 7-elevens on every block, restaurants and grocery stores within easy reach, 2) social equality - universal health care coverage and civil liberties, 3) people - warm, friendly, and helpful, 4) safe, and 5) Costco - there are 5 in Taipei!

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I help run the New School for Leadership in Healthcare which is located at the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center. The New School is a two-year training program that takes mid-career professionals in healthcare fields (e.g. medicine, industry, government, academia) and teaches them to understand all aspects of health systems from understanding healthcare management, to improving healthcare quality, to imagining the future of healthcare. The goal is to ultimately train the next Minister of Health or the next leader of a health system, large or small, from community clinics to global institutes. We equip our scholars to manage healthcare crises and improve healthcare delivery, quality, and value.

I am a co-author on the JAMA paper that raised Taiwan’s profile to the international community for its excellent COVID-19 response: I continue to be on the lookout for interesting healthcare startups and folks who are thinking critically about health policy reform.

Michael Bowcutt

Science and Technology

Background: USA Citizen, Mechanical Engineering Degree (Turned Software Engineering), Served a Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from 2011-2013 in Taiwan, Fluent in Chinese, Married to USA Citizen (Also fluent in Chinese) with 3 little boys (3, 2, and 9 months, they also speak Chinese!)

Why Taiwan?: Taiwan was already a second home to me. The company I work with wanted to establish an Asia Area Office, and Taiwan was the perfect location from a geological, linguistic, and technological standpoint. The Gold Card was one additional benefit that Taiwan offered.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I am currently working for Romaric Corp as the Asia Area Manager. We provide world-class automated Material Control Systems in Factories, warehousing structures, and other industries seeking full automation. I am also open to collaborating/assisting in other projects in Taiwan as requested.

Tom Fifield

Science and Technology

Background: I am an expert in distributed systems (got my start in famous particle physics experiments) and used to manage one of the largest Open Source user communities in the world.

Why Taiwan?: In a previous job, Taipei was the Asia-Pacific regional center. I was coming here a lot for conferences, built up a friendship network, got to know the daily life and had a strong feeling that I could live here. When I got a job where I could choose to live anywhere in the world, I moved and haven’t looked back!

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I run a small management and IT consulting company with clients in a variety of industries around the world.

I was recently approved for Taiwanese citizenship!

Zachary Hwang

Science and Technology

Background: University of Michigan - B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Technology Commercialization

Why Taiwan?: I wanted to learn Chinese which I realized was an important language in international business, particularly in China-Africa relations. Additionally, I wanted a more drastic change-up from my regular life and job in America and do something a little crazier, like traveling and getting back into startups. The low cost of living and tech ecosystem in Taiwan was very attractive towards this dream.

What are you currently doing in Taiwan? I’m currently teaching kids about technology at Skyrock Projects. We work on coding, robotics, and maker skills!

Within my 3 years of having the Gold Card visa, I want to establish an energy technology startup company, develop key resources and partners in Taiwan, and then commercialize the technology to Africa.

We are a community of Gold Card Holders supporting each others. We meet regularly through monthly events. If you have the Employment Gold Card and want to be part to the community, feel free to fill the Form. If you want to contribute your profile here, please use the Form.