Entering Taiwan during the pandemic

Taiwan does everything to keep its island safe. During the pandemic, all the regulation regarding the entry-exit of the country changes on a day to day basis. Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CDC (Taiwan Center of Disease Control), and BOCA (Bureau of Consular Affairs) websites for the latest information. The specific informations for Gold Card Holders can be found in the Taiwan Gold Card Office FAQ

Can I quarantine with family member flying with me?

It’s unclear. There is no announcement available regarding quarantine together with family. Some gold card members in the community shared that husband and wife cannot stay in the same hotel room together, unless there is a medical need for one to take care of another. In the case of a hotel suite, there must be separate bedrooms and bathrooms in order for a couple to stay in the same suite.

An other member shared that they were told each adult must have their own bedroom and bathroom. (They were told this explicitly on multiple occasions when they had relatives dialing 1922 for us to inquire about it, and then again at the airport quarantine desk when we entered). Also, minor children are allowed to quarantine with one of their parents at quarantine hotels, and minor children are not required to have their own separate bedroom/bathroom for home quarantine.

Please check with the CDC - +886 800 001922 - for the latest information.

Are Airbnb rentals allowed?

It’s unclear. It depends on how long is the rental. Some gold card members in the community shared that you are NOT allowed to quarantine in a “short term rental” in Taipei city. “Short term rental” defined as less than 30 days. It doesn’t matter which web platform you book it on, they go by the number of days. This seems to imply that booking a unit for 30+ days should be okay. Please check with the CDC - +886 800 001922 - before doing so. We highly recommend the list of hotels approved by the government to avoid any surprise.

Non official and shared by a community member: Even if municipalities have grey-area rules that may allow for it for over 30+ days (and that’s a big “if” as it’s really not clear either way), almost all apartment buildings do not allow it as a building policy, and as such, renters may experience (and have experienced) a lot of issues or pushback from apartment building staff and neighbors if they are caught quarantining in units that are not their’s (even if staying 30+ days).

Please check with the CDC - +886 800 001922 - for the latest information.

Last Updated: December 1, 2021