Quarantine Process

Current News about the 14-Day Quarantine Period
updated August 3, 2020

All visitors, including ROC passport holders, must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine period. Taiwan is very strict about the rules:

There is a list of government-specified hotels that can accommodate those in quarantine. These facilities will provide meal service.

Some private facilities may house you, but you will need to check with them first. Many hotels may refuse to house you during the quarantine period.

Some recent inbound travelers have booked AirBnB houses or cabins out in the middle of nowhere. I think in such a case, as long as it has a private area, you and the kids can spend time outdoors (unlike at a hotel).

For ROC passport (with 身分證) holders, you may be eligible for a NT1,000/day stipend from the Taiwan government covering the cost of accommodations for the Quarantine period to compensate you for being locked up. There may also be additional local benefits available.

For official information, please check the CDC website here: INSERT LINK