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About this site

Since February 2018, when the Gold Card was launched, card holders have been helping people apply and integrate into life in Taiwan. We think that Taiwan is an amazing place to live and work, and encourage you to apply for the Gold Card if you’re eligible. An open work permit, tax benefits, ability to bring your family - all applied for online and approved based on your existing skills, no need to already have a job or a company to sponsor you.

This website is a compilation of answers to actual questions asked by Gold Card holders as they went through the process. We welcome your questions and contributions!

This site was designed by Gold card holders for Gold card holders, inspired by and brainstormed with the unofficial Gold Card holder LINE group. The original site design and technical implementation was created by Eric Khun and the original content was written by Tom Fifield. Credit is also due to Forumosa. Without the community there, many people would never have discovered the Gold Card or made it through their applications.

We are not affiliated with any government departments and information may be inaccurate and/or outdated. As changes and errors may occur, please seek professional advice from the relevant officials where necessary. Contains content licensed under the Government Website Open Information Announcement., its contributors, and maintainers cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the information or for ensuring that the information is up to date at all times.

Content and the underlying site is contributed by a volunteer community that you are welcome to join. Contributions to code are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, and contributions of content for the FAQ are licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-NC license. The license text can be found in our repository.

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The following people have contributed to this site: Alvin, Antoine Scemama, Audrey Tang, Colum Brolly, Cuan-Bo Pong, Eric Khun, Geoff Lee, Ian Sinnott, Jonathan Liao, Loris Bettazza, Nuttaphat Arunoprayoch, Philip Bergvist, Rohit Dhatrak, Shawn Lim, Tom Fifield.